David McFarland, Founder

Our History David McFarland

"Most everyone loves to ride in a train, especially kids"

"Sometimes they think it is a real train and to them it is real"

"It gives me a lot of joy to bring happiness to these kids"

The creation of this train started back in the great recession of 2008 when the economy went south. I am the president of the non- profit corporation Cordova Community Preschool in Rancho Cordova. I have been here 28 years and when the economy went south in 2008 the attendance in our preschool dropped to where we were going in the red each month. It was during that crisis that I got the idea of building a trackless train. We would market the preschool with the help of the train. Most everyone loves to ride in a train, especially kids. So my two grandsons and I started building a train starting with the engine. We found a 23 HP riding mower and after stripping it down rebuilt it looking like a train engine. It had a bell, a train horn, a light on the front. I had the help of a person who worked in the sheet metal industry to build the front of the train. He happened to be one of my board members as well. He did a great job for us. After getting started on the engine, I got 3 small trailers from Harbor freight and used them for the train cars. Each car was made to carry 900 pounds. -DM
Our History

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